Our consultant referrals are experts in fields of advocacy, counseling, legal, and veterinary care. Each expert meets strict guidelines and vetting procedures. Their exceptional stewardship in their fields are making a positive impact to mitigate a minority of bad actor veterinarians. Our experts are offered through a direct partnership with VETERINARY MALPRACTICE CONSULTANTS.


Our Attorney Referral Team

David Allen, attorney

david allen, esquire

South Carolina
Davis Bauer, attorney

davis bauer, esquire

Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Texas, Utah

abbey benesh, esquire

Kristina Bergsten Board of Directors

kristina bergsten, esquire

Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
Lisa Boswell, attorney

lisa boswell, esquire

Colorado, Florida, Montana, Wyoming
Katie Brophy, attorney

katie brophy, esquire

Alexa Carreno, attorney

alexa carreno, esquire

Jeremy Cohen, attorney

jeremy cohen, esquire

Ted Corvey, attorney

ted corvey, esquire

South Carolina
Alex Davis, attorney

alex davis, esquire

Ralph DeMeo, attorney

ralph DeMeo, esquire

Terry Faherty, attorney

terry faherty, esquire

New York
Brad Floyd, attorney

Brad floyd, esquire

South Carolina
Charles Fulton, attorney

charles fulton, esquire

April Goodwin, attorney

april goodwin, esquire

Debra Hamilton, attorney

debra hamilton, esquire

New York
J. Jeffrey Holland, attorney

j. jeffrey holland, esquire

Peggy Hoyt Board of Directors

Peggy Hoyt, esquire

Althea Kippes, attorney

althea kippes, esquire

Jennifer Lancaster, attorney

jennifer lancaster, esquire

Susan Chana Lask, attorney

susan chana lask, esquire

New York
Myrna Lucoff, attorney

myrna lucoff, esquire

Tiffany Massie, attorney

tiffany massie, esquire

North Carolina
Anna Morrison-Ricordati Board of Directors

anna morrison-ricordati, esquire

Robert Newman, attorney

robert newman, esquire

Cheryl Nolan, attorney

cheryl nolan, esquire


stacy palowsky esquire

Dana Marie Pannella, attorney

dana marie pannella, esquire

Ohio, Texas
Lauren Peffer, attorney

lauren peffer, esquire

Ferdinand Peters, attorney

ferdinand Peters, esquire

Ashley Posey, attorney

ashley posey, esquire

Jane Probst, attorney

jane probst, esquire

Marc Robinson, attorney

marc robinson, esquire

New York
Sam Rocereta, attorney

sam rocereta, esquire

Arizona, Pennsylvania, Utah
Jilly Ryther, attorney

Jill ryther, esquire

Emerald Sheay, attorney

emerald sheay, esquire

New Jersey
Madison Steffey, attorney

madison steffey, esquire

Judge Neil Thomas, attorney

Judge Neil Thomas, esquire

Sarah Thompson, attorney

sarah thompson, esquire

Randy Turner, attorney

Randy Turner, esquire

New Mexico, Texas
Amadu Wiltshire, attorney

amadu wiltshire, esquire

Rebeka Breder, attorney

rebeka breder, lawyer

Anthony Tibbs, attorney

anthony tibbs, lawyer


Our Veterinary Referral Team

Bernadette Alisantosa Board of Directors

Bernadette Alisantosa, dvm

Robert Boswell, veterinarian

robert boswell, dvm

Dr. Angel Brothers, Veterinarian

Angel brothers, dvm

Dr. Tracey Ann Buchanan, DVM

Tracey-Ann buchanan, dvm

Dr. Robin Cannizzaro veterinarian

Robin Cannizzaro, dvm

Joanna de Klerk Veterinarian

joanna de klerk, dvm

Adele Grey, veterinarian

edele grey, dvm

Dr. Iulia Mihai, Veterinarian

Iulia Mihai, dvm

Dr. Judy Morgan, Veterinarian

Judy morgan, dvm

Milica Nikolic, veterinarian

Milica nikolic, dvm

Madalina Rosca, veterinarian

Madalina Rosca, dvm, phd

Paula Simons, DVM

paula simons, dvm

Lauri Stewart, dvm

Erica Tramuta-Drobnis Board of Directors

erica tramuta-drobnis, vmd, mph, cph

Note: Joey's Legacy does screen and review every expert in our referral system. However, we do highly recommend doing your own due diligence before engaging with any of the resources we have referred in order to make sure they are an ideal fit for you.

Featured Supporter

Dr. Angel Brothers, owner North Blount Animal Hospital, has been a long-time supporter of Joey's Legacy. She is actively involved in malpractice and negligence case reviews.

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