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Volume Two published Oct 17, 2021
344 pages

Seeking truth and integrity in veterinary Medicine Volume 2

by JL Robb

The Veterinary industry is one of the cleanest industries in the U.S. when it comes to the percentage of bad actors. While police departments seem to average about 15% bad cops compared to the 85% who work zealously and honestly to protect society, the percentage of bad actors in the Veterinary medicine field is remarkably low, averaging 2-5%.

No one dislikes bad actor veterinarians more than the 95+% of the great veterinarians in the country dedicated to helping our pets and farm animals.

Joey’s Legacy: Seeking Truth and Integrity in Veterinary Medicine is about the small percentage of bad actors (the Bad Guys) and the victims they leave behind, heartbroken and guilt-ridden that they chose the wrong veterinarian to treat their beloved pets.

As Big Pharma and the Pet Food Dynasty seek to overtake the veterinary industry, pushing drugs that often kill and toxic pet foods and flea collars, all in the cause of Big Money, the industry has changed over the past few decades.

How would you like to check your child out of the hospital only to be told you must pay the $10,000.00 bill before they release your child, like being held hostage until the ransom is paid. Thankfully, this does not happen in the field of human medicine but is common in the field of veterinary medicine.

Why do so many State Veterinary Boards never see a veterinarian they don’t love regardless of stack-loads of complaints filed by innocent Pet Parents who lost Fido or KitKat due to a bad teeth cleaning.

Why is human medical malpractice insurance $100,000.00 dollars per year… or more, but veterinary malpractice insurance is less than $1,000.00 per year?

A message to the small percentage of bad actor vets and the State Veterinary Board Swamp: Joey’s Legacy is coming after you.


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Volume One published Feb 4, 2021
324 pages

Seeking truth and integrity in veterinary Medicine Volume 1

by JL Robb

Even if a pet caregiver proves fraud and deceit to the board, they typically ignore the fact that the bad actor altered medical records to erase the appearance of negligence. Recordkeeping violations by vets, along with practice below the standard of care, are the two most commonly charged violations by the board and the two least deterred by disciplinary action.

The outrageous lack of morals and ethics will continue. The vet boards enact laws to insulate them from legal jeopardy. The veterinary justice system is broken, it’s corrupt and is in massive need of reform.

One of the reasons for this book is to educate and enlighten you that vet board exists, the maltreatment of bereaved caregivers is an old story and will sadly continue on and without meaningful, impactful changes I believe this level of injustice will continue. The vet boards allow serial offenders to continue to offend.

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