Actively fundraising
for Our first two Documentaries

DON’T MISS OUT. JOIN THE MOVEMENT! Your donation will help fund our documentaries, which are designed to educate pet parents about the best practices in caring for their companion animals and will expose the dark side of veterinary medicine. No one wants to find out the hard way what goes on behind the scenes.

John Biffar, 9-time Emmy-award winning producer and director, has assembled a sizzle reel that shares a sneak peek of our documentaries. They are scheduled to be released in the Summer of 2023, and will appear on PBS and streaming sites. These will also be presented at Sundance film festivals, as well as other festivals.

Two documentaries are in the works as we actively fundraise for them. The first is “Companion Animals are Family, Not Property” an A-Z education on how to find a great vet, the best nutrition for your pet, the best “this” & the best “that” interviews with animal herbalist, behaviorist and more designed to educate the first time pet parent as well as the more seasoned pet parent.

Documentary #2 is “Tails of Betrayal” and will expose all the bad actors in the profession — vet boards, lying, deceptive veterinary practices, etc. This includes interviews with our vets and attorneys, and interviews with members who are victims.

Former Vice-President of Programming at PBS and owner of International Media, Gustavo Sagastume, will oversee the placement of the educational documentary on PBS. We are grateful that Mr. Sagastume has taken an interest in our work.

Secrets that have been kept hidden from all of us by the veterinary “propaganda machine” for decades will be exposed.

Thank you for accompanying us on this journey for justice. We must speak for our lost family members, whose lives were taken far too soon by reckless, sloppy practitioners. May they all rest in peace.

Please consider a donation to Joey’s Legacy, as your donation will help us finish funding these documentaries.

Note: All fundraising goals shown are for the first documentary. Once that is successfully achieved, then we will feature the goals for the 2nd documentary.


Donated to the documentary fund

Yes, it's true. We donate 25% of all our profits to Joey's Legacy documentary fund. Shop our collection of pet inspired gifts, tees, blankets, stickers, and more.

John Biffar

John Biffar began his career in film making at the University of South Florida. In the early 1980’s, John produced unique television programming and features for cable and broadcast. His unique on-air abilities and special programming gained him numerous industry awards and national recognition, including 9 Emmys.

Director and producer John Biffar is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of PeaceVision™. For over 30 years John and the Dreamtime Entertainment team have produced original network television programming for HBO, PBS, The History Channel, Travel Channel and other major cable and broadcast outlets.

John has a passion for telling true life stories about people who are making a difference in the world. From “Children of the Fourth World” about an American woman striving to help the children who call the Guatemala City “dump” home, to “Assignment Earth” that profiles individuals from around the world who are striving to save the planet. John’s history of using media for positive change is well documented. He is most known for Captiva Island (1995), War Junkies and Uncommon Friends of the Twentieth Century (1999).

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Hoping you would consider donating to our documentary fund. Joey’s Legacy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and donations are tax deductible.

If you still have questions, we’d love to answer them. Simply reach out to us or (803) 520-7566.