Kelly Gendreau

MS   |   7+ Years of Experience

Southern California with Teleconferencing
Throughout USA & Canada

Kelly Gendreau is a Pet Loss & Grief Specialist located in Southern California, but serves all of the USA and Canada. Kelly holds a M.S in Psychology and has worked in the mental health field since 2016, assisting individuals with grief/loss, trauma, depression, anxiety, etc. She has been heavily involved in animal rescue since founding her own non-profit animal rescue organization in 2007, and she focuses her rescue efforts on special needs and medical cases. Kelly has extensive experience with pet loss & grief and utilizes her personal experiences, education, and training to assist fellow pet parents with the loss of their beloved pets. Kelly is a pet parent to cats, a dog, horses, miniature pigs, and reptiles.

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Kelly Gendreau, Grief & Trauma Counselor

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