in honor of

in memory of

Happy 94th Birthday! We admire your passion.

– Your Kids

In honor of Betty White and Doris Day.

– Maribella Perez

We would like to honor Betty White’s birthday.

– Anonymous

In honor of Betty White

– Jill Gorski

For her birthday fundraiser!

Kim & Gang

Documentary birthday donation

– Jerry Robb

Happy 12th birthday! So proud of the young man you are becoming. We love that you asked for donations instead of gifts. 

Mom & Dad

For the documentary in honor of Otis.

– Kimberly Kay

For the documentary in honor of Otis Oatmeal!

– Kristie Sharon

In Madeleine’s Honor

– Paul Pazos

In memory of my Scout. 

– Darlene Centola

We have picked up the torch in your memory.

– Grace Trinity Church

Donated in memory of my Logan who led me to this group.

– Darlene Shea

In Loving Memory Of: Zachary Giddens Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania 08/29/2009 – 4/10/2021

“The Sweetest and Most Affectionate Kitty Having Unlimited Special and Intrinsic Value, and Use.”

Furthermore, where personal property is without market value, evidence as to cost or other considerations affecting its valuation, real or intrinsic, are admissible to establish value. 20 Am.Jur. § 372, Evidence, page 339. Where there is the destruction of personal property without a market value, it does not mean the property is valueless and that damages cannot be recovered by the plaintiff. It is entitled to damages based upon its special value to the plaintiff. Szekely v. Eagle Lion Films, D.C., 140 F. Supp. 843,849 (1956); Restatement of Law, Torts, § 911. Rhoades, Incorporated v. United Air Lines Inc., 224 F. Supp. 341, 344 (W.D. Pa. 1963) Stay Tuned…

– Bernadette Giddens, Drexel Hill, PA

donation requested in lieu of flowers. Even in death you are still giving…

– Bob & Joanne

In memory of our beloved collie, Tasha, who died following her first dose of Bravecto.

– Karen Burgin

In Memory of Pepper who died from Vet Malpractice.

– Donna DeMartino

This is in memory of Emelia who was subject to veterinary malpractice.

– Anonymous

In memory of Olaf, my beloved sweet big fluffy healthy young cat, who died after surgery to remove a hairball. The donation is to enable those who can’t pay to keep their membership.

– Natalie Kramer

In memory of Logan Shea. May no one ever again have to experience the heartbreak of an unnecessary loss.

– Darlene Shea

For my poor soul, Buddy

– Julie Vita

Sassy~ My Great Dane 2/12/2009 – 1/17/2021

In memory of the most wonderful companion I could ever have been blessed with! Forever Loved! Forever in My Heart!

“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart. I’ll stay there forever.” ― A.A. Milne

– Julie Micklos

In memory of Nina

– Debra Malone

In Memory of Kanto Von Momax IPO 1, BH, AD, KKL 4/6/2014 – 5/3/2016.

– Alan Rabin

This donation is from Rousey Rioux the Rescue Pit in memory of Roman – a victim of a veterinarian’s error in October 2020. Keep fighting the good fight to implement changes to archaic animal laws so they give an accurate representation of the true value these these innocent, beautiful God-given creatures add to our lives and society as a whole. God bless your work.

– Sandy Isaacs

In memory of Fancy Pants

– Pamela Sirilo

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